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BioGene® Seeds
BioGene believes nobody in the world can match the productivity and efficiency of the American farmer.

We work with growers who are as committed as we are and have a drive to be as efficient and profitable as possible.


BioGene selects genetic material from the top corn breeders and then evaluates their adaptability for our market areas through extensive replicated testing. The result, a robust diversified corn line up.


BioGene soybean genetic material is selected from the top soybean breeders in the industry. Replicated testing and farm site analysis are used to determine compatible areas of adaptability.

Other Seed & Services

Wheat, alfalfa, hay, forage mixes, and various specialized plant varieties are available to address the individual needs of agricultural operations.

BioGene® EDGE™ Guarantee Program

The BioGene® EDGE™ program guarantees that when you put our best products up against similar products from Pioneer®, the BioGene® products would yield better under the same conditions or we’d make up the difference.


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